Fotos 18/08/08—23/10/13

Iniciar presentación de diapositivas
Spring 1971: at Instituto Balseiro, with Prof. Guido Beck and some fellow students.
Srping 1969: on top of "Bella Vista" Hill, Bariloche, with Prof. W. Meckbach and friends.
Autumn 1970, at Instituto Balseiro, with Manuel Tarchinsky (killed during the disctatorship) and Fernando Grinstein.
LAWNP in San Carlos de Bariloche, 2005
Dinner at the MEDYFINOL conference in La Serena, Chile, with Katja Lindenberg, her husband (Ted), Nitant Kenkre and J. Klafter, December 2005
Gala dinner at the LAWNP in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, October 2003, with Marcelo Kuperman and Roberto Iglesias,
Talk at the LAWNP, Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, October 2003
Gala dinner at the workshop on Complex Systems in Santander: I, Hans Herrmann, Constantino Tsallis, on the right Maria Luz (my wife), and below M.A. Pesquera…
Conference and school in Benasque, Spain, August 2003
SPIE conference in Canarias, I, Maxi San Miguel and Raul Toral, May 2004